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Gracious Assisted Living in West Orange, NJ

Canterbury is a not-for-profit assisted living residence in West Orange, NJ for seniors who want security but still value their independence. Since 1921, we’ve provided a gracious, comfortable setting for our residents where they can enjoy a variety of planned activities in a structured environment and the companionship that comes with our community. Families have peace of mind with our personalized assistance and health care services available to residents 24 hours a day. Our studios include carpeting and window treatments, and they may be furnished if you choose not to bring your own furniture. Accommodations can be private or semi-private, and they take the occupant’s well-being into account with added safety features.

elderly people talking at table

Advantages of Life at Our Residence

The residents of Canterbury Village take pleasure in our beautiful great room, outdoor courtyard, library, and a wonderful sunroom, all of which are perfect places for social gatherings and spending time during family visits. While promoting independence is a priority, it’s important to have a foundation of structure and assistance with daily life. We offer seniors a supportive environment with added conveniences, including:

  • We handle the chores, maintenance, and other burdens of home management.
  • We offer high-quality health services and an individual approach to residents’ wellness in a comfortable setting.
  • We provide a variety of amenities and activities all located on one level.
  • We’re conveniently located right in the center of West Orange, NJ, right off Interstate 20.

Our Friendly Staff & Board

Residents can count on around-the-clock services from our long-term staff members, all of whom share a commitment to supporting every resident’s physical, social, and psychological needs. The well-being and happiness of those who dwell here have been a staple concern of ours for the past century. In that regard, our board of directors meets on a regular basis to deal with the administration of our assisted living residence. They make financial decisions, discuss any issue with the facility, and set the governing rules that best benefit the organization, staff, and our residents and their families. Canterbury Village’s not-for-profit and mission-driven approach helps to keep its focus on promoting a positive lifestyle and quality of life. Schedule a tour of our delightful community by contacting us today!

Enjoy a Comfortable, Friendly Residence Where Quality Care Means Quality of Life!